Real Happiness|Story on True Happiness

Real Happiness

Real Happiness Story on True Happiness

Real Happiness|Story on True Happiness

Ramesh was very confused, he could not understand whether to laugh or cry. The mark sheet was lying in front of him, in which he had got the highest marks in every subject, but he could not get the happiness that comes from getting good marks.

After all, why was this happening with Ramesh… what happened with Nilesh?

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Actually, both Ramesh and Kamal studied in the same class. But there was a lot of difference in the nature of both. While Kamal was of a calm nature, Ramesh used to think of some mischief all the time. He didn’t feel like studying. Whereas Kamal was a topper in his studies. He used to answer every question the teacher had very quickly. Ramesh was troubled by the same thing. His job was to copy the activity of Kamal without concentrating on his own studies. How to push him back and let him down, he was always engaged in this affair. In the midst of all this, its worst effect was affecting his own studies.

Similarly, once during lunch time when Kamal went out of the class for a while, Ramesh stole his science copy from his school bag. So that when the teacher asks him something, he is not in a position to answer. The same thing happened; Kamal was scolded a lot by the teacher. Nilesh was smiling slowly.

All the time Ramesh was looking for an opportunity to trouble Kamal. In a way, he was also becoming a victim of an inferiority complex because of Kamal. He felt that he would never be able to study. Sometimes the lotus pen would disappear and sometimes there would be no food left in the lunch box. He was very happy to see Kamal upset. Gradually both his mischief and inferiority complex started increasing. He also befriended other bullies in the class who used to tease him all the time.

Ramesh had a friend Ritika whom he believed in everything. Seeing Ramesh’s antics, Ritika was in a lot of trouble, she tried a lot to make him understand, but he was such a victim of an inferiority complex that he could not come out.

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In no time, the examinations came closer. Ramesh tried his best that this time he would not allow Kamal to come in the first rank. Suddenly he got some flying news. Some of his unruly friends stole the exam papers and gave them to Nilesh. Ramesh’s happiness knew no bounds. Now, this time he will remain topper. The exams got over and after a few days, the result also came. He was the topper in his class. He looked at the lotus with a victorious smile. Today he had left Kamal behind. Kamal was definitely a little disappointed with his low numbers but he was not defeated. She congratulated Ramesh profusely on his success and hugged him.

Ramesh got confused, about what to do what not to do, cry about his own nature, or be happy with the goodness of Kamal. The boy whom he had given nothing but trouble, today he was congratulating him on his success. Within a moment the joy of his victory evaporated and like a mirror his exploits began to appear in front of him.

He was now feeling very ashamed of the rank brought by dishonesty, even the good marks kept in front of him were making him realize his mistakes again and again. Tears of embarrassment started flowing from the corners of his eyes and the opportunity to rectify his mistakes started to appear. He made up his mind that he would apologize to Kamal for his past mistakes and confess his theft to the teacher, even if it meant leaving the school.

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Then Sir called out, “Ramesh come here, you have got the first rank in your class, I am very happy with you, tell me how did you achieve this success?”

Ramesh was very confused, he could not understand whether to laugh or cry. The mark sheet was lying on the paper, in which he got the highest marks in all the subjects, but he could not get the happiness that comes with getting good marks.

Ramesh reached in front of the blackboard with subdued steps.

“Sir, Kamal’s first rank is not mine, I apologize to all of you… I have cheated, I had got the paper out to make Kamal look down.

Sir, you can give me whatever punishment you want for this. Kamal, I am really sorry! I have always been troubling you, but today you congratulated me with a hug.

And while saying this, tears welled up in Ramesh’s eyes.

Seeing the most mischievous kid in the class breaks down like this, everyone gets emotional, Ritika and Kamal immediately reach him and hold his hand.

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The school management also did not let Ramesh’s repentance go in vain and re-examined him and passed it.

Now Ramesh had understood that success achieved by dishonesty can never give happiness, real happiness can be found only by walking on the path of honesty and truth.

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