Rat Trap | Story on Helping Your Neighbours

Rat Trap: It was a long time ago that a rat used to live at Raju’s uncle’s place. Like every day, that day too, uncle brought some goods in his bag while returning from the market to the village. Seeing the packet of biscuits coming out of the bag, the rat’s mouth watered, but what is this, the ground slipped under its feet the very next moment, Uncle had bought a mousetrap along with the rest of the salmon today.

Rat Trap

Rat Trap | Story on Helping Your Neighbours

The rat immediately ran to the pigeon sitting on the eaves and started saying in panic – “Friend, today there is a big mess, Uncle has brought a rat trap to kill me, help me somehow make this rat trap disappear from here.” !”

The pigeon smiled and said, “He has gone mad, why am I afraid of the mousetrap, I am not going to get into this trap.” This is your problem, you deal with it.

The mouse got even more disappointed and reached the cocks panting, “Brother help me, uncle has brought the mousetrap….”

The chickens were engrossed in plucking the grains. While biting the mouse, he said, “It is time for us to eat now, you come later.”

Now the mouse ran to the goat and told her his problem.

The goat laughed loudly, “Friend, you have gone mad, you are in danger from the mousetrap, not me. And what will I get by helping you? I am not a lion, the hunter will trap me and you will save my life by gnawing my trap.

And saying this, the goat started laughing loudly.

The poor mouse went back to his burrow with a sad heart.

It was night, and uncle and his family were preparing to sleep after eating and drinking when there was a sound of knocking. Uncle’s little daughter ran towards the mousetrap, everyone thought that a mouse had been caught. Pigeons, chickens, and goats also felt that forced by habit, the rat was killed in the greed of food.

The girl put her hand under the bed and started pulling the mousetrap, then there was a hissing sound…. It was not a rat but a poisonous snake trapped in the mousetrap and it bitten the girl while hissing at lightning speed.

Everyone gathered there after hearing the daughter’s scream. Raju’s uncle ran to Ojha who lives in the neighborhood by putting his foot on his head.

The exorcist did some tantra-mantra and applying a paste on the daughter’s hand said, the girl is not out of danger, bring me the pigeon’s neck immediately, I will boil it and prepare a solution, after drinking which she will become completely healthy.

On hearing this, Raju’s uncle caught the pigeon. The exorcist finished the pigeon’s work without delay.

The condition of the daughter started improving.

The next day many relatives gathered to know about the condition of the daughter. Uncle was also happy that his daughter’s life was saved and in this happiness, he decided to feed chicken to everyone.

Within a few hours, even the work of the fools was completed.

Seeing all this, the goat was also very scared, but when all the guests left, he too became careless.

But his carelessness could not last long.

The aunt said to Raju’s uncle, “By the grace of God, today the daughter is among us, when she was bitten by a snake, I had made a vow that if the daughter survives safely, we will sacrifice the goat. You sacrifice our goat today itself.

In this way, the pigeon, chicken, and goat all three were killed and the mouse was still safe.

Friends, we learn from this story that when our friend or neighbor is in trouble, we must try our best to help him. Turning a blind eye to one problem considering it to be another’s problem can also put us in trouble. That’s why do help friends who are in trouble, by doing this you will help yourself somewhere.

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