Fruit of Greed | Lalach Ka Fal

Fruit of Greed | Lalach Ka Fal

Fruit of Greed | Lalach Ka Fal

A shepherd lived in a village. He was greedy, always thinking about how to become the richest person in the village. He had some goats and their kids. Which were the means of his livelihood.

Once he took his goats to graze on the hill near the forest away from the village. Today he set out on a new path in search of good grass. He had just moved a short distance when suddenly it started raining heavily and stormy winds started blowing. The shepherd started looking for a safe place to escape from the storm. He saw a cave at some height. When the shepherd tied the goats there and reached to take stock of the place, his eyes were left torn. There were many wild sheep present there.

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Seeing the fat sheep, the shepherd got greedy. He thought that if these sheep become mine then I will become the richest in the village. No one has such good and so many sheep in many nearby villages.

He thought in his mind that the opportunity is good, I will make him mine in no time by coaxing them. Then I will take them with me and go to the village.

Thinking this, he got back down. Seeing his skinny weak goats getting wet in the rain, he thought that now that I have so many stout sheep, why do I need these goats? Prepared a big bundle of grass from it.

Taking the bundle, he once again reached the cave and kept feeding those sheep with green grass with his hand for a long time. When the storm subsided, he came out. He saw that all his goats had gone somewhere else from that place.

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The shepherd did not feel sorry for the departure of these goats, rather he was happy that today he had got so many good sheep together for free. Thinking this, he turned back towards the cave, but what is this… As soon as the rain stopped, the sheep came out and started living on the other side. He quickly ran up to them and tried to take them with him. But the sheep were too many, he alone could not control them… In no time all the sheep disappeared from his sight.

Seeing all this, the shepherd got angry. He shouted –

For you, I let my goats out in the rain. I cut the grass with so much effort and fed it… and you all left me and went away… how selfish you all are.

The shepherd sat there after being dejected. When his anger calmed down, he understood that in fact, it was not the sheep who were selfish, but he, who lost his goats in the greed of the sheep.

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Learning from the story: This story called the fruit of Greed teaches us that the person who leaves the company of his loved ones due to selfishness and greed, no one becomes his own and in the end, he has to repent.

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