Facebook friend |Story on Using Social Media

Facebook friend

Facebook friend

Facebook friend |Story on Using Social Media

Abhay was a simple boy. Now he had to leave his village and enroll in the city to pursue his graduation. The farmer’s father made all arrangements for Abhay in the city by adding every penny and also got a smartphone thinking that it would be used for online studies.

An introvert by nature, Abhay now had to work very hard to fulfill his dreams. Due to his shy nature, he could not socialize much with the kids in the city and took to social media to make friends. Just like that, he became friends with a boy named Mayank from the same city on Facebook. Abhay liked Mayank’s profile very much. Messages started being exchanged between the two.

The phone taken for studies is now being used for friendship and watching entertaining videos. Even while doing classes, Abhay’s attention remained fixed on the mobile screen.
Mayank and Abhay’s friendship also deepened, even Mayank used to recharge his phone several times.

Two-three months have passed since their friendship, but still, they had not met even once.

Then one day Mayank called Abhay to a place, “Friend, there is a very good opportunity, you come to the Whatsapp address at ten in the morning, now along with studies, you can earn Rs. 5000 every month, And on this pretext, we will also meet face to face for the first time.

Abhay’s happiness knew no bounds, he could not contain himself because of the happiness of meeting his friend and getting the opportunity to earn money. The next day he got up early in the morning and got ready and headed toward the address given by Mayank. The place was a bit far from the city, so Abhay boarded a bus going there. After an hour’s journey, he finally reached the given address after asking.

Just before he could knock on the door, a car stopped near him. A middle-aged man of forty-five years came out of it and said, “Listen, son, is your name Abhay?

“Yes uncle”, said Abhay.

“Mayank has sent me, actually, suddenly the meeting place has changed, come sit in the car, I will take you to the right place.”, said the person.

Abhay immediately got into the car and they proceeded.

The person took care of Abhay and gave him fruity to drink.

About three hours after drinking Frooti, when Abhay opened his eyes, he found himself lying in a park, he was feeling a lot of pain on one side of his stomach, mobile and money were also missing.

For some time he could not understand how he reached here by car. Then he lifted the shirt and saw the place of pain, there was an incision there.

Abhay’s heart started beating fast. He understood that something very wrong had happened to him.

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He immediately ran to the doctor.

But after listening to what the doctor told him, the ground slipped under his feet. A kidney was missing from his body. Now he has a condition of “bite, no blood”.

Started thinking, “Did you come to the city from the village with dreams? Now what answer will he give to his father?
He ran to the police station. After going there, all the truth of the digital world was revealed in front of him. This Facebook profile of Mayank was not a young man but the same middle-aged man who made him sit in the car.

He used to trap people like Abhay by creating attractive accounts, who wanted success in shortcuts and believed in such frauds. Then slowly entering his personal life, he would call them on the pretext of a job. After that, he used to steal body parts. There were so many such cases in his name.

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If Abhay had been social in the real world instead of being social on social media, then perhaps such a situation would not have happened. The truth behind the screen was now as clear as a mirror. After such a big stumbling block, now he has stopped wasting his time on the mobile screen. The difference between the real and the virtual world was now understood by him, but after losing a lot.

Friends, blindly trusting someone in the online world can land you in trouble. So use social media and the internet with utmost care so that you never have to repent like Abhay.

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